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Nobel Prize Reception Ceremony, December 9th 2008. Photo: Private
Tobias Maduro Nørbo presenting his first issue for the Young Scientist Journal as Chief Editor to the minister of education, Bertel Harder. Photo: Tilsted.com
Tobias Maduro Nørbo in cosy sorroundings. Photo: Private
Tobias Maduro Nørbo, Olympic Campaign. Leading the mens fleet at the 2011 World Championship, Perth, Autralia. Photo: Thom Touw
Photo:  Das Büro for Danmarks Idræts-Forbund og Team Danmar
Olympic test event, Olympic venue, Weymouth, England. Photo: Clive Mason
Projects by Tobias Maduro Nørbo. Photo: Rasmus Bundsgaard

Tobias Maduro Nørbo


Tobias Maduro Nørbo is a multitalented young man born on Christmas night 1987. Tobias is currently studying a Master in Science of Engineering in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering at the top university within its field, the Technical University of Denmark.


Throughout his life, Tobias has been competing against his own demands and his competitors being in sports and in his acedemic life as well.


Tobias has long portifolio of projects, aids, sports and more that he has been doing over the past 10 years. This site will function as an overview of Tobias' career and as an opportunity for you to see Tobias' skills.

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